Volcano Digital Vaporizer

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Fort WorthKeller, Springtown and Bedford we got a deal for you. Who doesn’t want a volcano digital vaporizer? Easy’s Smoke Shop carries this monster vaporizer.

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Every Digital Volcano Vaporizer is hand crafted and meticulously calibrated to deliver outstanding performance. With a dual LED temperature displays and 1 C/ 3 F accuracy, finding your favorite temperature has never been simpler. The Volcano Digit offers these features to ensure perfect results every time:

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  • Giant LEDs – Displays set and actual temp. at all times
  • +/- 1C / 3F Temperature Accuracy
  • Discrete Silenced Air Pump
  • Durable Brushed Aluminum Casing
  • Compatible with Easy Valve and Solid Valve systems
  • 3 year warranty!

The Volcano Digit reaches your desired temperature in just 3-5 minutes, and is constructed out of 100% food grade, flavorless materials so that it delivers pure vapors right out of the box. The Volcano extraction system is known to release essential oils 3 or 4 times more efficiently than the competition!

The Digit – Advanced Precision
The Volcano Digital with Easy Valve system is the hottest new edition to the Volcano family. It provides unmatched precision and a user friendly interface that is enjoyable by beginners and vaporizer connoisseurs alike.

The Digit offers:

  • Unmatched Precision; Accuracy
  • Clean, flavorful vapor every time
  • Time-tested Durability
  • Iconic Design
  • Easy-to-use Digital Interface

Vaporizing with the Volcano Digital is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Select desired heating temperature via the Big +/- Digital Temperature control interface

2. Place Easy Valve Filling Chamber and balloon on top of the Volcano Digit

3. Turn on the fan, and watch clean, flavorful aromatherapy vapors fill the balloon