Water Bubblers

Smooth the harsh with Easy’s awesome hand blown water bubblers. Easy’s bubblers are a special smoking device designed with the original Indian Hookah in mind. Bubblers are made from borosilicate glass tubes that are either fumed with silver or gold. Glass fuming is a skilled art that gives the bubblers a unique characteristic color changing effect. Our gold or silver fumed glass bubblers will change color when in use and in response to background light.

Water bubblers offer smokers a number of benefits. With an Easy’s Smoke Shop water bubbler, the smoke from the tobacco is bubbled through the water in the glass bulb and the water cools the hot smoke. The cool water also filters the smoke as water soluble tar is dissolved as it passes thru the water. The bubbler smoke chamber allows smoke to accumulate so that the smoker enjoys thicker and more quantities of smoke. With Easy’s water bubblers, you get to smoke in style and class using one of the many unique bubblers we have to choose from. If you like super smooth and silky hits, the bubbler is for you.

For Tobacco use only. Must be 18 to purchase.